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Soal (Pilgan) Future Continuous Tense dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Tentang Future Continuous Tense

1. Reny …. at the office when you arrive.
a. Have working
b. Has working
c. Will work
d. Will be working

2. My father . . . . . teaching at 10 a.m tomorrow.
a. Will
b. Will be
c. Is
d. Will

3. My sister will not ... at holiday.
a. Studies
b. Studying
c. Be studying
d. Studied

4. I will …football with my friends tomorrow.
a. Watching
b. Watch
c. Be watching
d. Be watch

5. Kiki . . . . . Nita tomorrow.
a. Will helps
b. Am helping
c. Will be helping
d. Help

6. My mother will be . . . . . when I arrive.
a. Sleeping
b. Sleeps
c. Sleep
d. Slept

7. Will you be . . the candles and the cake for Tari’s birthday?
a. Bringing
b. Bring
c. Brought
d. Brings

8. George will be . . . Indonesia at 9 a.m tomorrow.
a. Leaving
b. Leave
c. Left
d. Live

9. They will be ... dinner at Mr.Crab restaurant tonight.
a. Have
b. Having
c. Had
d. Has

10. Mia … going to the school tomorrow.
a. is
b. Would
c. Will
d. Will be


1. d. Will be working
2. b. Will be
3. c. Be studying
4. c. Be watching
5. c. Will be helping
6. a. Sleeping
7. a. Bringing
8. a. Leaving
9. b. Having
10. d. Will be