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Soal (Pilgan) Past Future Perfect Tense dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Tentang Past Future Perfect Tense

1. Susi would have …a delicious chicken if the gas of her stove had not run out.
a. Cooked
b. Be cooking
c. Been cook
d. Cook

2. I phoned at five o’clock since I know you would have …home by then.
a. Get
b. Getting
c. Gotten
d. Got

3. If my father had given me much money, I ... a gift for my girlfriend
a. Should have buy
b. Would have bought
c. Would has bought
d. Will have bought

4. My father … very upset if he had saw me out of class.
a. Will have be
b. Would have
c. Would have be
d. Would have been

5. Rico ...... to the party alone, if he had let me go with him
a. Would haven't come
b. Would have came
c. Would have coming
d. Wouldn't have come

6. I thought you …by the time I arrived.
a. Would have be slept
b. Would have slept
c. Would be slept
d. Would have been slept

7. He would …. passed the examination If She had learned hard.
a. Been
b. Had
c. Be
d. Have

8. If they had come earlier, I .....the house
a. Would haven't left
b. Wouldn't have left
c. Should haven't left
d. Would have leave

9. We …… arrived on time If we walked faster.
a. Have
b. Had
c. Would have
d. Would had

10. We would have that company if we had passed the interview test before
a. Working
b. Work
c. Worked
d. Works


1. a. Cooked
2. d. Got
3. b. Would have bought
4. d. Would have been
5. d. Wouldn't have come
6. b. Would have slept
7. d. Have
8. b. Wouldn't have left
9. c. Would have
10. c. Worked