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Soal (Pilgan) Present Perfect Tense dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Tentang Present Perfect Tense

1. Fadhil . . . . . in that Company for 2 years.
a. Serve
b. Have served
c. Serving
d. Has served

2. They . . . . . resigned their current jobs this year.
a. Have
b. Has
c. Are
d. Were

3. Bali before
a. Have been
b. Had been
c. Having been
d. Ever had

4. ....English since three ago
a. I have teach
b. I having teaching
c. I have taught
d. I had taught

5. the same house since 1962
a. Has lived
b. Had live
c. Having been
d. Have living

6. Have you....your bread
a. Eaten
b. Ate
c. Eating
d. Was eat

7. We....our report
a. Have already written
b. Had already writting
c. Having already written
d. Has already Written

8. We . . . . . out of gasoline.
a. Have just run
b. Has just run
c. Have just running
d. Has just running

9. I……him for two hours
a. Calling
b. Calls
c. Call
d. Called

10. Sinta has…….to the school for 3 hours
a. Go
b. Goes
c. Gone
d. Went

11. Diana has……..for two hours
a. Sleep
b. Slept
c. Sleeping
d. Sleeped

12. I have……a letter for 2 hours
a. Write
b. Wrote
c. Written
d. Writing


1. d. Has served
2. a. Have
3. a. Have been
4. c. I have taught
5. a. Has lived
6. a. Eaten
7. a. Have already written
8. a. Have just run
9. d. Called
10. c. Gone
11. b. Slept
12. c. Written