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Soal (Pilgan) Simple Future Tense dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Tentang Simple Future Tense

1. Your sister . . . . . happy if you send them a gift on her birthday.
a. Will be
b. Will
c. Going to
d. Are

2. I ………. going to buy a new car next year.
a. Was
b. Am
c. Had
d. Were

3. I . . . . . rich someday.
a. Will be
b. Will
c. Going to
d. Am

4. There . . . . . no drastic development in my town in 2020.
a. Will
b. Will be
c. Is
d. Going to

5. I ……… complete the task.
a. Have completed
b. Have complete
c. Will completed
d. Will complete

6. I saw weather forecast on TV that tomorrow . . . . . windy.
a. Will be
b. Is
c. Going to
d. Will

7. a new car next week.
a. I
b. I will
c. I am
d. I am going to

8. I think spain …….. win the World Cup 2014.
a. Was
b. Is
c. Will be
d. Will

9. Your parents . . . . . proud of you if you finish your study at University.
a. Will be
b. Will
c. Going to
d. Is

10. Rachmat . . . . . all of his friends to the celebration next week.
a. Will invite
b. Invites
c. Invited
d. Invitation


1. a. Will be
2. b. Am
3. a. Will be
4. b. Will be
5. d. Will complete
6. a. Will be
7. b. I will
8. d. Will
9. a. Will be
10. a. Will invite