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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Present Continuous Tense Lengkap Jawaban

Latihan Soal (Pilgan) Bab Present Continuous Tense

1. Anne : ….
Yuma : I’m fixing my guitar.
a. Why are you laughing?
b. When are you leaving?
c. Where are you going?
d. What are you doing?

2. Mr. Baker …(teach) his son to ride a bicycle.
a. Are teach
b. Is teach
c. Are teaching
d. Is teaching

3. I am .... to Justin’s new song on the radio
a. Listening
b. Listened
c. Listen
d. Listens

4. What’s the gardener doing? He… the flower.
a. To water
b. Water
c. Are watering
d. Is watering

5. I have a plan to go to Stefan’s house tonight. And I decide to go with my mother. Once I have arrived there, Stefan … his dinner.
a. Eats
b. Has been eaten
c. Eat
d. Is eating

6. My brother . . . . . at University of Indonesia
a. Are studying
b. Is studying
c. Was studying
d. Were studying

7. Listen! Your father …… to a friend right now.
a. Talk
b. Talks
c. Is talking
d. Are talking 

8. Liza and I . . . . . waiting for tom in the station.
a. Am not
b. Was not
c. Are not
d. Is not

9. I’m sorry about the noise you are hearing. She ……… a concert.
a. Practice
b. Is practicing
c. Practicing
d. Practiced

10. Tonight, I have some free time so that I decide to join my husband to watch my favorite movie at the theater. We …for the theater at nine o’clock.
a. Left
b. Are leaving
c. Has been left
d. Leave

11. Mr. Gideon is . . . . . his annual report now.
a. Typing
b. Type
c. Types
d. Being type

12. This university’s program …………… those of Oxford.
a. Come second after
b. Are second only to
c. Are first except for
d. Are in second place

13. Kiki usually sits next to Ririn, but now she . . . . . next to Rima.
a. Sits
b. Sit
c. Is sitting
d. Was sitting


1. d. What are you doing?
2. d. Is teaching
3. a. Listening
4. d. Is watering
5. d. Is eating
6. b. Is studying
7. c. Is talking
8. c. Are not
9. b. Is practicing
10. b. Are leaving
11. a. Typing
12. b. Are second only to
13. c. Is sitting