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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Present Perfect Tense Lengkap Jawaban

Latihan Soal (Pilgan) Bab Present Perfect Tense

1. We have…….this major since last night
a. Learned
b. Learn
c. Learning
d. Learns

2. Shane … around the world with his best friends.
a. Travels
b. Have traveling
c. Is traveling
d. Has traveled

3. I……studied for two hours
a. Have
b. Been
c. Has
d. Had

4. Kian …this movie three times.
a. Sees
b. Is seeing
c. Has been seen
d. Has seen

5. We…….here since yesterday
a. Has been
b. Have been
c. Had been
d. Has

6. Jack …in the same house for twenty years.
a. Lived
b. Living
c. Leave
d. Has lived 

7. I have……music for 15 minutes, it’s very good
a. Listen
b. Listening
c. Listened
d. Listens

8. Marie …… in Dublin since 1980.
a. Lives
b. Live
c. Is leaving
d. Has lived

9. We have……. this new novel together since yesterday
a. Read
b. Reads
c. Reading
d. Readed

10. I have……a delicious food for them
a. Cooked
b. Cooks
c. Cooking
d. Cook

11. Mark …. the entire book.
a. Had been reading
b. Is reading
c. Has already read
d. Read


1. a. Learned
2. d. Has traveled
3. a. Have
4. d. Has seen
5. b. Have been
6. d. Has lived
7. c. Listened
8. d. Has lived
9. a. Read
10. a. Cooked
11. b. Is reading