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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Reading Lengkap Jawaban

Latihan Soal (Pilgan) Bab Reading

1. Read the following text and answer question 1-5
I love dogs very much. I keep some dogs in my house. They are Casper, Midas, Brownie and Dottie. Casper is a dachshund. He’s short with long body and four strong legs. Brownie is a collie. She has long and thick fur. What color is her fur? Brown, of course that’s why I call her Brownie. Dottie is a Dalmatian. She has a slim body and four long legs. She has thin fur and dots all over her body. The last is Midas. He is a bulldog. He has a large head, a short neck and thick short legs. He’s very strong. I always take care of my dogs every day.
What kind of text is the text above?
a. Recount
b. Descriptive
c. Narrative
d. Report

2. The generic structure of the text is ….
a. description – identification
b. Identification – description
c. Orientation – events – Reorientation
d. Reorientation – events – Orientation

3. “She has long and thick fur”. The antonym of the underlined word is…
a. Heavy
b. Length
c. Short
d. Fragnant

4. He’s short with long body and four strong legs’
the sentence is one of the ……… of the text.
a. Events
b. Orientations
c. Identifications
d. Descriptions

5. How many dogs does the writer have?
a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. 4

6. Read the following text and answer number 6-10
In total, the plant has need of at least 16 elements, of which the most important are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
The plan obtains carbon and hydrogen dioxide from the atmosphere; other nutrients are taken up from the soil. Althoughthe plant contains sodium, iodine, and cobalt, these are apparently not essential. This is also true of silicon and alumunium.
Overall chemical analysis indicate that the total supply of nutrients in soils is usually high in comparison with the requirements of crop plants. Much of this potential supply, however, is bound tightly in forms that are not released to crops fast enough to give satisfactory growth. Because of this, the farmer is interested in measuring the available nutrient supply as contrasted to the total quantities.
Which of the following elements is not taken up from the soil?
a. Potassium
b. Magnesium
c. Carbon
d. Calcium

7. Why do farmers prefer considering the only available nutrients to the total quantities of nutrient found in the soil? Because . . . . .
a. They do to know how to obtain all the nutrients
b. Chemical analysis indicate that the soil constrains all the nutrients needed
c. The nutrient are in the soil
d. Most of the nutrients are bound in compounds

8. The topic of paragraph three is about . . . . .
a. The result of chemical analysis
b. The requirement of crop plants
c. Giving satisfactory growth to the plants
d. Measuring the available nutrients supply

9. How many elements which are not very important can be found in the plants?
a. Three
b. Five
c. Seven
d. Nine

10. “the plant obtains carbon and hydrogen dioxide . . . . .”(pharagraph 2). Obtain means
a. Gets
b. Takes
c. Puts
d. Gives


1. b. Descriptive
2. b. Identification – description
3. c. Short
4. d. Descriptions
5. d. 4
6. b. Magnesium
7. b. Chemical analysis indicate that the soil constrains all the nutrients needed
8. a. The result of chemical analysis
9. b. Five
10. a. Gets