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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Simple Future Tense Lengkap Jawaban

Latihan Soal (Pilgan) Bab Simple Future Tense

1. I ……….. to your party tomorrow.
a. Am coming
b. Coming
c. Come
d. Was coming

2. Manda and I . . . . . some plates and glasses on the dining table for the dinner tonight.
a. Was preparing
b. Prepared
c. Shall prepare
d. Prepare

3. We …………… football next week.
a. Going to play
b. Go to play
c. Going to playing
d. Are going to play

4. Yongki and Yoga will not . . . . . in music competition at school next month.
a. Participates
b. Participate
c. Patcipation
d. Participated

5. Ami : Hey! Look at those dark clouds!
Kiki : Woow! It is . . . . . rain soon
a. Will
b. The
c. Coming
d. Going to

6. She ……….. in tokyo.
a. Were
b. Was
c. Will be
d. is 

7. ... Rama give back Dayat’s phone?
a. Is
b. Will
c. Does
d. Was

8. Will you . . . . . the suspect tomorrow?
a. Arresting
b. Arrest
c. Arrested
d. To arrest

9. I will not ... my Dad about the accident.
a. Tell
b. Telling
c. Tells
d. To tell

10. He … a prosecutor.
a. Was going to
b. Is going to
c. Going to
d. Is going to be


1. d. Was coming
2. c. Shall prepare
3. d. Are going to play
4. b. Participate
5. d. Going to
6. b. Was
7. b. Will
8. b. Arrest
9. a. Tell
10. b. Is going to