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Soal (Pilgan) Causative Verb dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Tentang Causative Verb

1. Mr. Joe …. his employees to finish all annual reports in the end of this week.
a. Have
b. Had
c. Has
d. Have had

2. My grandfather has his wide land….
a. Sell
b. Selling
c. Sold
d. Sells

3. The director …his employees to get long leave at the end of the year.
a. Allows
b. Allow
c. Allowing
d. Allowed

4. My parents … me to decide what to do in the future.
a. Help
b. Helps
c. Helping
d. Has helped

5. My aunt … me to drive her new car two days ago
a. Permit
b. Permits
c. Permitted
d. Permitting

6. I have my brother …. my car right now.
a. To repair
b. Repairs
c. Repair
d. Me repairs

7. My father …. me wash the car yesterday.
a. Have
b. Has
c. Had
d. His

8. Let’s get mother … a cake on Sunday.
a. To bake
b. Bakes
c. Bake
d. Has bake

9. The student makes the music ….
a. To play
b. Played
c. Plays
d. Playing

10. She …. me … English.
a. Help – Learns
b. Helps – Learns
c. Helps – Learn
d. Help - learn

11. Nita menyuruh/meminta saya untuk datang ke rumahnya sekarang.
a. Nita has me come to her house right now.
b. Nita make me come to her house right now.
c. Nita gets me to came to her house right now.
d. Nita make me to came to her house right now

Kunci Jawaban

1. c. Has
2. c. Sold
3. a. Allows
4. a. Help
5. c. Permitted
6. c. Repair.
7. c. Had.
8. a. To bake
9. b. Played
10. c. Helps – Learn
11. a. Nita has me come to her house right now.