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Pertanyaan tentang Causative Verb

Soal Pilihan Ganda

1. The teacher helped Carolina ...the research materials.
a. found
b. find
c. finding
d. to find

2. A stranger helped the lost child ... his home.
a. found
b. finding
c. to find
d. to found

3. The doctor made the patient ... in bed.
a. stay
b. to stay
c. stayed
d. to stayed

4. Dr. Clark is letting the students ... in the papers on Monday.
a. hand
b. handed
c. to hand
d. to handed

5. Father gets the plumber ... the leaking tap.
a. fix
b. fixes
c. to fix
d. fixing

6. "I'm having trouble with my laptop again. I've done everything I can but It doesn't work properly.
"Why don 't you have Andy ... it?"
a. to fix
b. fix
c. fixes
d. fixed

7. " This cake is delicious; Is it home-made?"
"You know it isn't; ... "
a. I baked it myself
b. Linda asked me to bake it
c. I had Linda bake it
d. I had to bake it

8. "The curtain of my room needs washing. "
" Well, go to the laundry and ... . "
a. wash them
b. they are washed
c. it should wash them
d. have them washed

9. "Can you send the letter ffor me? I'm in a hurry . "
"Don 't worry , I will have Bima ... it for you.
a. fax
b. faxed
c. to fax
d. faxes

10. "It is impossible to translate the whole book by yourself. ".
"Y ou're right. I'd like to ... a part it for me. "
a. you have translated
b. you have to translate
c. have you translate
d. have been translating

11. "I fixed the light in the bathroom yesterday , but it went out again today . "
"Why don 't have an electrician ... it?"
a. checking
b. check
c. checks
d. to check

Kunci Jawaban

1. b. find
2. c. to find
3. a. stay
4. a. hand
5. c. to fix
6. b. fix
7. c. I had Linda bake it
8. d. have them washed
9. a. fax
10. c. have you translate
11. b. check