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Soal dan Jawaban materi Countable Noun

Soal (Essay/Uraian) Mengenai Countable Noun

1. Is pasta a countable noun

2. How do you teach countable nouns?

3. Is Sugar countable noun?

4. Is student a countable noun?

5. Is eggs countable or uncountable noun?


1. Pasta is uncountable. SO we would say 'this pasta is delicious' for example. But noodles are countable

2. Draw a line down the middle of the board to divide it into two halves. On one side write countable and on the other write uncountable. Students should have no trouble coming up with examples of countable nouns, but if they are in doubt remind them of things they can add a number to: Can we say five children?

3. Uncountable nouns have no plurals, and cannot normally be used with a/an. Sugar is an uncountable noun

4. Countable nouns are the words for things that we can count. Countable nouns have singular and plural forms. Examples are: boy, boys, girl, girls, flower, flowers, book, books, chair, chairs, student, students etc. ... Uncountable nouns are the words for things that cannot be counted.

5. If a noun is countable we can count it. Countable nouns can be singular or plural. We can say two cars, three boys, six eggs, etc. because we can count them – they're countable