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Soal (Pilgan) Present Perfect Continuous Tense dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Tentang Present Perfect Continuous Tense

1. She has ...her home work
a. Done
b. Do
c. Does
d. Doing

2. We …(walk) for a whole day, but we don’t arrive yet.
a. Had been walking
b. Has been walking
c. Has walking
d. Have been walking

3. She has much television lately
a. Watch
b. Watching
c. Is watch
d. Will watch

4. Sandy … (type) the document for 3 hours but somehow it does not finish yet.
a. Was typing
b. Were typing
c. Has been typing
d. Have been typing

5. Right now I have been... at the board
a. look
b. Looking
c. Looks
d. Was look

6. This computer …(operate) for 20 hours, it must be shut down now, unless it will explode.
a. Has been operating
b. Have been operating
c. Are operating
d. Is operating

7. The passangers …(wait) for the next flight since this morning.
a. Has waiting
b. Had been waiting
c. Has been waiting
d. Have been waiting

8. I ……in my house for almost thirty years.
a. Have been living
b. Live
c. Lives
d. Had lived

9. We have for over two hours
a. Waits
b. Wait
c. is wait
d. Waiting

10. He has been.... flower for this girl friend
a. Buy
b. Bought
c. Buying
d. Is buy

Kunci Jawaban:

1. d. Doing
2. d. Have been walking
3. b. Watching
4. c. Has been typing
5. b. Looking
6. a. Has been operating
7. d. Have been waiting
8. a. Have been living
9. d. Waiting
10. c. Buying