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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Adjective Lengkap Jawaban

Latihan Soal Pilgan Bab Adjective

1. My friends invited me to a fancy party.
a. My friends
b. Invited
c. Fancy
d. Party

2. The furry cat made the boy sneeze.
a. Furry
b. Cat
c. Made
d. Sneeze

3. The hungry man lived under the bridge.
a. Hungry
b. Lived
c. Under
d. Bridge

4. He was afraid to talk to his teacher.
a. Afraid
b. Talk
c. Teacher
d. Was

5. The perfume in the room is fragrant.
a. Perfume
b. Room
c. is
d. Fragrant

6. The shiny window caught people’s attention.
a. Shiny
b. Window
c. Caught people’s
d. Attention

7. The mathematics was very difficult.
a Mathematics
b. Was
c. Very
d. Difficult

8. I didn’t want to play on the wet ground.
a. Didn’t
b. Want
c. Play
d. Wet

9. My aunt who lives in England is elderly.
a. Aunt
b. Who
c. Lives
d. Elderly

10. The chicken soup is very...
a. Tasty
b. Delicious
c. Fun
d. Poor


1. c. Fancy
2. a. Furry
3. a. Hungry
4. a. Afraid
5. d. Fragrant
6. a. Shiny
7. d. Difficult
8. d. Wet
9. d. Elderly
10. a. Tasty