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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Causative Verb Lengkap Jawaban

Latihan Soal Pilgan Bab Causative Verb

1. Mario gets his house….
a. Renovate
b. Renovates
c. Renovating
d. Renovated

2. My mother … me to help her finishing her cooking.
a. Allow
b. Allows
c. Allowed
d. Allowing

3. My brother lets his car …
a. Borrow
b. Borrowing
c. Borrowed
d. Borrows

4. My mother …to accompany my little sister to the swimming pool yesterday.
a. Has me
b. Have me
c. Had me
d. Have had me

5. Dina ….wait for her in front of bookstore for three hours.
a. Makes me
b. Make me
c. Making me
d. Made me

6. Charles is getting his teachers ... him a make-up exam.
a. give
b. given
c. to give
d. to given

7. The president had his advisors ... a press conference.
a. arranged
b. to arrange
c. arrange
d. to arranged

8. Emma got her paper .... by a friend.
a. type
b. typed
c. to type
d. to typed

9. Mrs. Claire had her house ... .
a. paint
b. painted
c. to paint
d. to paint

10. “T ono is a lazy boy . ”
“Yes, he always wants...for him.
a. everything done
b. having done everything
c. to have done everything
d. everything having been done
e. to have everything done
“ What a lovely gown you’re wearing!

11. Do you make it yourself?”
“No, I ...”
a. to be made
b. had it made
c. had to make it
d. had to made it
e. having made it

Kunci Jawaban

1. d. Renovated
2. b. Allows
3. c. Borrowed
4. c. Had me
5. a. Makes me
6. c. to give
7. c. arrange
8. b. typed
9. b. painted
10. a. everything done
11. b. had it made