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40 Soal Present Perfect Continuous Tense Beserta Jawaban

Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Present Perfect Continuous Tense

1 … here for over two hours?
A. Has she been waiting
B. Does she has been waiting
C. not have you been attending
D. have you not been attending

A. Has she been waiting

2. Why … Mandarin classes for the last three weeks?
A. not have you been attending
B. have you not been attending
C. have been staying up
D. has been staying up

B. Have you not been attending

3. I’m sleepy because I … all night.
A. have been staying up
B. has been staying up
C. not have you been attending
D. have you not been attending

A. Have been staying up

4. My brother … about buying a used car from the dealer. Do you think it’s a good idea?
A. has been thinking
B. have been thinking
C. not have you been attending
D. have you not been attending
Rena: Why don’t you reply my text?

A. Has been thinking  

5. Wawan: Oh, sorry. I forgot to tell you that I … to Ambon since last year.
A. am traveling
B. was traveling
C. have to travel
D. will have traveled
E. have been traveling

E. Have been traveling

6. All these years, Vita’s family … in proverty.
A. lived
B. has been living
C. had lived
D. was living
E. lives

B. Has been living

7. Tono: I think they are going to here for a while.
Neni: But we … in line for almost 30 minutes.
A. are standing
B. have stood
C. stand
D. were standing
E. have been standing

E. Have been standing

8. Several hotels in this city are closing down. That’s because tourism itself … since last year.
A. is declining
B. declined
C. has been declining
D. has declined
E. was declined

C. Has been declining  

9. Eko has been working on his report for two days in a row without much sleep. That’s why he looks so tired.
A. works
B. is working
C. has been working
D. was working
E. had been working

C. Has been working

10. He … (drive) a car through the rain for an hour.
A. Have been driving
B. Had been driving
C. Has been driving
D. Had driving 

C. Has been driving

11. She has ...her home work
A. Done
B. Do
C. Does
D. Doing

D. Doing

12. We …(walk) for a whole day, but we don’t arrive yet.
A. Had been walking
B. Has been walking
C. Has walking
D. Have been walking

D. Have been walking

13. She has much television lately
A. Watch
B. Watching
C. Is watch
D. Will watch

B. Watching

14. Sandy … (type) the document for 3 hours but somehow it does not finish yet.
A. Was typing
B. Were typing
C. Has been typing
D. Have been typing

C. Has been typing