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38 Pertanyaan Past Future Continuous Tense Beserta Jawaban

Soal Pilgan Materi Past Future Continuous Tense

14. My daughter would …TV at eight o’clock last night.
A. Be watch
B. Be watching
C. Watching
D. Been watching

B. Be watching

15. She had a feeling that the show …taking place smoothly at 7 p.m last week.
A. Will be have
B. Will be
C. Wouldn’t
D. Wouldn’t be

D. Wouldn’t be

16. My father thought the wind …hard by this time yesterday.
A. Would be blowing
B. Would blowing
C. Would been blowed
D. Would be blow

A. Would be blowing

17. I would … English with my classmates at 2 p.m. last Friday.
A. Discussing
B. Discuss
C. Be discuss
D. Be discussing

D. Be discussing

18. They … taking an English exam at 10 a.m. yesterday.
A. Would be
B. Would been
C. Would
D. Will

A. Would be

19. We … a football game at 11 p.m. last night.
A. Would be watching
B. Would been watch
C. Would be watch
D. Would be watch

A. Would be watching

20. This time last year, she would …Economics at the University of Toronto.
A. Studied
B. Been studying
C. Study
D. Be studying

D. Be studying

21. Oscar ... anywhere when you visited him on Sunday
A. wouldn't be going
B. wouldn't be gone
C. wouldn't been going
D. wouldn't be go
E. wouldn't been gone

A. Wouldn't be going

22. If I phoned him at 10 o'clock last night, ... soundly?
A. would he be sleeping
B. would be he sleeping
C. would he is sleeping
D. would is he sleeping
E. would he be slept

A. Would he be sleeping

23. If she called you at 8 o'clock last Monday, ... in your office?
A. would be you working
B. would you be worked
C. would you been work
D. would you be working
E. would you are working

D. Would you be working

24. My father ... preparing for his vacation
A. is would
B. would is
C. would be
D. would to be
E. would been

C. Would be

25. He ... about swimming when you came to the swimming pool
A. would learning
B. would have learning
C. would been learning
D. would be learned
E. would be learning

E. Would be learning

26. ... some delicious foods when my father came to his hous
A. would be playing
B. would not be watching
C. Would mother be cooking
D. would not be studying

C. Would mother be cooking