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19 Pertanyaan Tentang Adjective Order dan Jawaban

Soal (Essay) Materi Adjective Order

11. Jelaskan dan contoh adjective kategori physical quality!

Kategori physical quality mengungkapkan ciri fisik dari suatu kata benda.
1. thin
2. rough
3. soft
4. untidy

12. Why is adjective order important?

The order of adjectives is important in the English language. Not only are they always placed in front of nouns they modify, but there is also specific order to their placement. This order is known as the 'Royal Order of Adjectives,' according to The Editor's Blog, and is as follows: General opinion

13. Why is there an adjective order?

Comparing the Use of Adjectives in Different Languages
Interestingly, most native English speakers are actually unaware there is a particular order to adjectives. This is because they learn it intrinsically as they make and form their first sentences as infants.

14. Jelaskan dan contoh adjective kategori shape!

Kategori shape menyatakan bentuk suatu kata benda.
1. annular
2. even
3. flat
4. hexagonal
5. narrow
6. rectangular
7. round
8. square

15. Jelaskan dan contoh adjective kategori age!

Kategori age menyatakan seberapa tua atau muda suatu kata benda.
1. ancient
2. antique
3. elderly
4. new
5. old
6. young
7. youthful

16. Jelaskan dan contoh adjective kategori color!

Kategori color meliputi warna suatu kata benda benda.
1. black
2. black-haired
3. blue
4. brownish
5. green
6. pale
7. purple
8. reddish
9. white

17. Jelaskan dan contoh adjective kategori origin!

Kategori origin berupa kebangsaan.
1. American
2. Canadian
3. Dutch
4. eastern
5. French
6. Greek
7. Indonesian
8. Japanese
9. Scottish
10. Thai
11. Turkish

18. Do adjectives have an order?

 Adjectives, writes the author, professional stickler Mark Forsyth, “absolutely have to be in this order: opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose Noun.

19. What are the Royal Order of adjectives?

The royal order of adjectives dictates that those categories absolutely have to be in this order:
1. Determiner (articles and other limiters: the, my, your)
2. Observation or opinion (original, appealing, cheap)
3. Size (small, thin, large)
4. Age (young, old, new)
5. Color (red, yellow, green)
6. Origin (Australian, American, Norwegian)