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20 Soal Past Continuous Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Past Continuous Tense

1. Bani and Risti were . . . . . video games when their mother . . . . . back.
a. Playing, came
b. Plays, comes
c. Played, coming
d. Playing, coming

2. The house … (burn), when jack’s family left.
a. Were burn
b. Were burnt
c. Was burn
d. Was burnt

3. She was . . . . . the movie while her mother was . . . . . for dinner yesterday.
a. Watched, cooked
b. Watching, cook
c. Watch, cooking
d. Watching, cooking

4. I was . . . . . when my mother . . . . . me yesterday.
a. Teaching, called
b. Teach, call
c. Taught, calling
d. Teaching, calling

5. He was not . . . . . the television when you . . . . . to his house to borrow his car yesterday.
a. Repaired, came
b. Repair, come
c. Repairing, come
d. Repairing, came

6.It has already been late at night. When Carla came home, her husband along with her two daughters …dinner for their mother.
a. Is cooking
b. Cook
c. Were cooking
d. Has cooked

7. Shane really loves to drive very fast on the free way. And he …… on Main Street when his car broke down.
a. Were driving
b. Is driving
c. Drives
d. Was driving

8. The telephone was ringing while he . . . an email.
a. Type
b. Is typing
c. Was typing
d. Has typing

9. She was . . . . . when I . . . . . to her house last night.
a. Crying, came
b. Cried, coming
c. Cries, coming
d. Crying, come

10. My sister . . . . . TV in the living room when I arrived home last night.
a. Watch
b. Watched
c. Is watching
d. Was watching

11. Nicole …… her homework when her friend called.
a. Did
b. Was doing
c. Done
d. Do

12. The bridge … (repair) yesterday so the traffic was delayed.
a. Was repaired
b. Was repairing
c. Were repairing
d. Was being repairing

13. When we arrived, the supper … (eat)
a. Was being eaten
b. Was eaten
c. Were being eat
d. Were being eaten

14. The music … (play) when I left her.
a. Was playing
b. Were palying
c. Were being playing
d. Was played

15. Erza and Yuki . . . . . Soccer on the field when they . . . . . the money.
a. Is playing, finding
b. Were playing, found
c. Was playing, found
d. Played, find

16. He was standing at the bus-stop when he . . . . . the accident.
a. Witnessed
b. Witnesses
c. Withness
d. Withnessed

17. The class has already started since two hours ago. The student (read/was reading) while the professor …… in the class.
a. Were speaking
b. Speaks
c. Spoken
d. Was speaking

18. There are many activities happen in Gilbert’s house. Jeremy was doing his homework, and Jenna … television while their brother called.
a. Is watching
b. Watched
c. Has watched
d. Was watching

19. My son was reading a good novel and he … his big meals at midnight last night. I just very proud of him with everything he has done for me
a. Eats
b. Has eaten
c. Ate
d. Was eating

20. Bagus was . . . . . around the block while Nata was . . . . . at their backyard yesterday.
a. Run, skipping
b. Running, skipped
c. Running, skipping
d. Run, skip  


1. a. Playing, came
2. d. Was burnt
3. d. Watching, cooking
4. a. Teaching, called
5. d. Repairing, came
6. c. Were cooking
7. d. Was driving
8. c. Was typing
9. a. Crying, came
10. d. Was watching
11. b. Was doing
12. b. Was repairing
13. a. Was being eaten
14. a. Was playing
15. b. Were playing, found
16. a. Witnessed
17. d. Was speaking
18. d. Was watching
19. d. Was eating
20. c. Running, skipping