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20 Soal Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense

1. I …to the music for 15 minutes.
a. Would have been listen
b. Would have been listening
c. Would had listening
d. Would had been listening

2. We wouldn't ....repairing the car since 8 o'clock
a. Have been
b. Has been
c. Been have
d. Have

3. They would have been … as a software programmer since 2011.
a. To work
b. Working
c. To worked
d. Worked

4. He would have been .... in the company for a year by the end of this month
a. Worked
b. Working
c. Work
d. To work

5. We … been staying here for a week.
a. Would have
b. Will have
c. Will had
d. Would had

6. .... been listening to the music for an hour by 9 o'clock?
a. Would they
b. Should they
c. Would have they
d. Would they have

7. My boyfriend would have …… flower at this hour yesterday.
a. Be giving
b. Giving
c. Been give
d. Been giving

8. ... been staying in your grandfather's house since Saturday?
a. Would have you
b. Would you have
c. Would you
d. Will you

9. Nisa and her family would … living at their new house by the end of this month last year.
a. Had been
b. Had
c. Have been
d. Have be

10. I would have been ....since 9 o'clock
a. To sleep
b. Sleep
c. Slept
d. Sleeping

11. Oscar wouldn't have been since 8 o'clock
a. Playing
b. Played
c. Play
d. To play

12. She told me that she would have been … line to buy ticket when the last bus came yesterday.
a. Make
b. To making
c. Making
d. To make

13. They would have ...... his work for a week on sunday
a. Do
b. Doing
c. Been done
d. Been doing

14. If my parent permitted me I … travelling around the world last year.
a. Would have be
b. Would have been
c. Would have
d. Will have been

15. She ... been watching TV for about two hour by 9 o'clock
a. Would has
b. Will
c. Should
d. Would have

16. They … English grammar for two years by the end of last month.
a. Would have be learning
b. Would have learning
c. Would have be learn
d. Would have been learning

17. She would have …for me for 3 hours at 10 p.m yesterday, but she had gone at 9 p.m.
a. Wait
b. Be waiting
c. Waiting
d. Been waiting

18. Eddy and Clara wouldn't .....learning english since 10 o'clock
a. Has been
b. Have
c. Have been
d. Has

19. They would have been … English grammar for one year by the end of last month.
a. Learning
b. Learn
c. To learn
d. Learned

20. Paul .... been visiting Bali since Wednesday
a. Would have
b. Would has
c. Would
d. Should


1. b. Would have been listening
2. a. Have been
3. b. Working
4. b. Working
5. a. Would have
6. d. Would they have
7. d. Been giving
8. b. Would you have
9. c. Have been
10. d. Sleeping
11. a. Playing
12. c. Making
13. d. Been doing
14. b. Would have been
15. d. Would have
16. d. Would have been learning
17. d. Been waiting
18. c. Have been
19. a. Learning
20. a. Would have