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18 Soal Present Perfect Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Present Perfect Tense 

1. We have…….this film since last night
a. Watching
b. Watched
c. Watches
d. Watch

2. The president … what to do …
a. Either …. Or
b. Neither ….. nor
c. Both ….. and
d. Has not decided …… yet

3. They have…….me about this story
a. Tell
b. Told
c. Telling
d. Tells

4. Sam … the results of the experiment.
a. Has already recorded
b. Is recording
c. Has recording
d. Had recording

5. Diana…….sung this song
a. Had
b. Has
c. Have
d. Having

6. We have…….in Bandung since 2004
a. Live
b. Lives
c. Living
d. Lived

7. Patrick ………… the material for his next exam.
a. Has yet to learn
b. Is learning
c. Has been learning
d. Learns

8. We……..cooked this delicious food special for you
a. Had
b. Has
c. Have
d. Having

9. We ……………… what to do with the money.
a. Has deciding
b. Decide
c. Is deciding
d. Have yet to decide

10. We have . . . . . in Bandung for several years.
a. Live
b. Living
c. Lives
d. Lived

11. Bagas : You look so unhappy, Nata. What’s the problem?
Nata : My father . . . . . his job.
a. Has just lost
b. Have just lost
c. Losing
d. Loses

12. Mark … to school with his friends.
a. Walked
b. Has already walked
c. Had walking
d. Is walking

13. We have…….this major since last night
a. Learned
b. Learn
c. Learning
d. Learns

14. Shane … around the world with his best friends.
a. Travels
b. Have traveling
c. Is traveling
d. Has traveled

15. I……studied for two hours
a. Have
b. Been
c. Has
d. Had

16. Kian …this movie three times.
a. Sees
b. Is seeing
c. Has been seen
d. Has seen

17. We…….here since yesterday
a. Has been
b. Have been
c. Had been
d. Has

18. Jack …in the same house for twenty years.
a. Lived
b. Living
c. Leave
d. Has lived


1. b. Watched
2. d. Has not decided …… yet
3. b. Told
4. a. Has already recorded
5. b. Has
6. d. Lived\
7. a. Has yet to learn
8. c. Have
9. d. Have yet to decide
10. d. Lived
11. a. Has just lost
12. b. Has already walked
13. a. Learned
14. d. Has traveled
15. a. Have
16. d. Has seen
17. b. Have been
18. d. Has lived