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30 Soal Simple Future Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Simple Future Tense

1. The athletes . . . . . with the college track team next month.
a. Trains
b. Trained
c. Will train
d. Have joined

2. We ……………. you later.
a. Shall call
b. Shall caling
c. Have call
d. Calling

3. Manda : I . . . . . the students exchange programme next year.
Kiki : that’s good idea
a. Join
b. Joined
c. Will join
d. Have joined

4. Nita : what are you planning to do with all these sculpture?
Rachmat : I . . . . . them in cultural fair next month.
a. To be exhibiting
b. To exhibit
c. Will exhibit
d. Be exhibiting

5. My website . . . . . the best source for English learners someday.
a. Will be
b. Will
c. Going to be
d. Going to

6. They …… a concert next month.
a. Are going to have
b. Going to be
c. Are going
d. Are going to be

7. Yongki : what is your plan for this weekend?
Yoga : I . . . . . my uncle.
a. Will have visited
b. Have visited
c. Visited
d. Will visit

8. Eka : could you tell your brother to meet me at the cafetaria tonight?
Eko : sure, I . . . . . him.
a. Told
b. Will tell
c. Be telling him
d. Tell

9. John is …………. a chemist.
a. Was be
b. Were be
c. Going to
d. Going to be

10. What will I . . . . . in Australia?
a. Buying
b. To buy
c. Buy
d. Bought

11. Your sister . . . . . happy if you send them a gift on her birthday.
a. Will be
b. Will
c. Going to
d. Are

12. I ………. going to buy a new car next year.
a. Was
b. Am
c. Had
d. Were

13. I . . . . . rich someday.
a. Will be
b. Will
c. Going to
d. Am

14. There . . . . . no drastic development in my town in 2020.
a. Will
b. Will be
c. Is
d. Going to

15. I ……… complete the task.
a. Have completed
b. Have complete
c. Will completed
d. Will complete

16. I saw weather forecast on TV that tomorrow . . . . . windy.
a. Will be
b. Is
c. Going to
d. Will

17. a new car next week.
a. I
b. I will
c. I am
d. I am going to

18. I think spain …….. win the World Cup 2014.
a. Was
b. Is
c. Will be
d. Will

19. Your parents . . . . . proud of you if you finish your study at University.
a. Will be
b. Will
c. Going to
d. Is

20. Rachmat . . . . . all of his friends to the celebration next week.
a. Will invite
b. Invites
c. Invited
d. Invitation

21. I ……….. to your party tomorrow.
a. Am coming
b. Coming
c. Come
d. Was coming

22. Manda and I . . . . . some plates and glasses on the dining table for the dinner tonight.
a. Was preparing
b. Prepared
c. Shall prepare
d. Prepare

23. We …………… football next week.
a. Going to play
b. Go to play
c. Going to playing
d. Are going to play

24. Yongki and Yoga will not . . . . . in music competition at school next month.
a. Participates
b. Participate
c. Patcipation
d. Participated

25. Ami : Hey! Look at those dark clouds!
Kiki : Woow! It is . . . . . rain soon
a. Will
b. The
c. Coming
d. Going to

26. She ……….. in tokyo.
a. Were
b. Was
c. Will be
d. is 

27. ... Rama give back Dayat’s phone?
a. Is
b. Will
c. Does
d. Was

28. Will you . . . . . the suspect tomorrow?
a. Arresting
b. Arrest
c. Arrested
d. To arrest

29. I will not ... my Dad about the accident.
a. Tell
b. Telling
c. Tells
d. To tell

30. He … a prosecutor.
a. Was going to
b. Is going to
c. Going to
d. Is going to be


1. c. Will train
2. a. Shall call
3. c. Will join
4. c. Will exhibit
5. a. Will be
6. a. Are going to have
7. d. Will visit
8. b. Will tell
9. a. Was be
10. c. Buy
11. a. Will be
12. b. Am
13. a. Will be
14. b. Will be
15. d. Will complete
16. a. Will be
17. b. I will
18. d. Will
19. a. Will be
20. a. Will invite
21. d. Was coming
22. c. Shall prepare
23. d. Are going to play
24. b. Participate
25. d. Going to
26. b. Was
27. b. Will
28. b. Arrest
29. a. Tell
30. b. Is going to