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Soal Simple Past Future Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Simple Past Future Tense

1. I knew you would …all the things for the meeting.
a. Prepared
b. Prepare
c. Had prepared
d. Have prepared

2. They told that they …going to visit Lombok.
a. Are
b. Was
c. Were
d. Have

3. We knew he … the difficult situation.
a. Would be investigated
b. Would investigate
c. Would handled
d. Would handle

4. My uncle told me that he …come on time.
a. Will have
b. Would
c. Would have
d. Would have been

5. Vina got a feeling that everything …
a. Would be all right
b. Would all right
c. Would never cheat
d. Would never cheated

6. She promised she would … me a box of banana cake.
a. Given
b. Give
c. Have giving
d. Giving

7. Dimas said that he … to hometown the following day.
a. Were going to go back
b. Was going to go back
c. Would contacted
d. Would contact

8. My friends promised he …give you an ice cream.
a. Would have
b. Will
c. Would
d. Had

9. I wish you would … to my house to my house, because it’s my birthday.
a. To came
b. Come
c. To come
d. Coming

10. Robi knew that he … a job easily after a long time unemployed.
a. Won’t find
b. Wouldn’t find
c. Were going to come
d. Was going to come

Kunci Jawaban:

1. b. Prepare
2. c. Were
3. d. Would handle
4. b. Would
5. a. Would be all right
6. b. Give
7. b. Was going to go back
8. c. Would
9. b. Come
10. b. Wouldn’t find