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Pertanyaan materi Semantics

Soal Essay/Uraian

1. What are the theories of semantics?

2. What does Semantics mean in programming?

3. What is generic sentence in semantics?

4. What are the seven types of meaning in semantics?

5. Does Google use semantic search?

6. What are semantics in reading?

7. What is semantic mapping strategy?

8. Why we study semantics in linguistics?


1. The first sort of theory a semantic theory is a theory which assigns semantic contents to expressions of a language. The second sort of theory a foundational theory of meaning is a theory which states the facts in virtue of which expressions have the semantic contents that they have.

2. In programming language theory, semantics is the field concerned with the rigorous mathematical study of the meaning of programming languages. ... Semantics describes the processes a computer follows when executing a program in that specific language.

3. A GENERIC SENTENCE is a sentence in which some statement is made about a whole unrestricted class of individuals, as opposed to any particular individual.

4. Geoffrey Leech (1981) studied the meaning in a very broad way and breaks it down into seven types [1] logical or conceptual meaning, [2] connotative meaning, [3] social meaning, [4] affective meaning, [5] reflected meaning, [6] collective meaning and [7] thematic meaning.

5. Google is not the only company working on a semantic search engine. Specialized database searches and site-search tools also take advantage of semantics to make sure they are operating at their optimal efficiency and customers don't drop off when they can't find what they're looking for.

6. Semantics relates to the meaning of words. Initially, when reading, students deal with concrete objects, information, and meaning. ... Students' understanding of specific technical vocabulary words, e.g., those found in math, science, history, etc., must continue to develop as well.

7. Semantic mapping is a strategy for graphically representing concepts. A semantic word map allows students to conceptually explore their knowledge of a new word by mapping it with other related words or phrases similar in meaning to the new word. ... These can be generated by the students.

8. The aim of semantics is to discover why meaning is more complex than simply the words formed in a sentence. ... Studying semantics will allow us to explain why only one of these sentences can be true.