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Soal (Pilgan) TEFL dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Tentang TEFL

1. The suitable ways of teaching speaking in the advanced classroom based on Hadfield (1999) is….
A. ordering, role play , miming
B. miming, discussion and remembering
C. completing a questionaire, remembering and ordering
D. role play, discussion and completing a questionaire

2. There are four things that students need to do with new language (Harmer, 1998) i.e be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand its form and … it.
A. memorize
B. practice
C. observe
D. immitate

3. The writing materials are classified as the different level of …not the writing types of the content of the paragraph.
A. expression and pronunciation
B. function and spelling
C. grammar and vocabulary
D. pattern and idiom

4. Nation (2002) says that teaching writing has relation to the level of the students’ … .
A. vocabularies
B. comprehension
C. understanding
D. studying pace

5. Mackey (1978) mentions some types of teaching writing technique to improve students’ capabilities based on graphics, spelling, and compostion. For Indonesians improving the graphics begins with tracing, … and transcription drills.
A. copying
B. completing
C. filling
D. matching

6. The second level of difficulties in teaching writing for Indonesians at the beginning is … because of the sound systems.
A. the sentence pattern
B. the word ordering
C. the word spelling
D. the pronunciation

7. The literary work offers various samples of language, which are usually used by the native speakers, and the students will be familiar with many different linguistic uses, … and convention.
A. patterns
B. forms
C. terms
D. problems

8. Before you start teaching through Literary Works, you should read the story because it is impossible ….
A. finding the content of the moral message
B. showing the most touching scene
C. ordering the book in the book store
D. using the story that you dislike the materials

9. Besides the students know various samples of language, which are usually used by the native speakers, and many different linguistic uses, forms and convention, they also improve their command of English and help them understand …. of other countries.
A. general myths
B. cultural aspects
C. powerful beliefs
D. different tastes

10. Joanne Collie et. al. (1995) believes that teaching English through Short Story is better than teaching English through …since it is time consuming in explaining.
A. poems
B. limerick
C. novel
D. haiku

11. Learning a language is learning to use the language to get things, to control the behaviour of others, to create interaction with others, to express personal feelings and meanings, to learn and to discover, to create a world of imagination, and to communicate information.One of the seven functions showing explicitly about communication interaction is ….
A. to use the language to get things
B. to control the behaviour of others
C. to create interaction with others
D. to communicate information

12. The teachers applying the Competency Based Curriculum should consider about formal structures, the language functions, and ….
A. memorizing the dialogues
B. driling the language expression
C. translating the passages
D. covering the topics in language and science

13. Communicative Competence is clasified in four models i.e. grammatical, sosiolinguistics, discourse, and strategic competence. Sociolinguistic Competence refers to the ability to produce utterances and understanding in different contextual factors such as purposes, norms of interactions, and ….
A. status of the participant
B. time of the interactions
C. structure of the language
D. forms of the community

14. The skills which can be regarded as life skills or communicative skills are then improved when the students continue their study. The competences are epistemic, informational, performative and…
A. instruction
B. communicative
C. functional
D. formal

15. The materials provided in the curriculum refer to types of discourse, which are often in the forms of conversational interaction. It will be shown such as ….
A. the language expression
B. the verb patterns
C. the point of the grammar
D. the situational dialogue

16. One of the types of evaluation is Portofolio. It is a filed record of individual progress in learning. The function of the portofolio is ….
A. to make the note of the students’ problem
B. to keep the collection of the students’ painting
C. to give the information of the students’ progress
D. to evaluate the students’ achievement

17. Teaching vocabulary is based on the word level classification such as 1000 words for the Elementary Class in relation to the word frequency i. e . technical words, academic words, high
frequency words, and ….
A. classroom expression words
B. low frequency words
C. daily conversation words
D. telegrapic words

18. Mackey (1975) offered two ways in teaching vocabulary using differential procedures in relation to the the native language i.e. explanation and …
A. demonstration
B. direction
C. information
D. translation

19. Mackey (1975) proposed four classification of the techniques in teaching vocabulary , one of them using images to give the most real and lasting of impresion i.e, the …. Procedures.
A. Differential
B. Ostentive
C. Pictorial
D. Contextual

20. Multiple context is one of the teaching vocabulary communicatively . This technique makes the students ... the meaning of the word through the clues.
A. guess
B. challenge
C. deduct
D. picture


1. D. role play, discussion and completing a questionaire
2. B. practice
3. C. grammar and vocabulary
4. A. vocabularies
5. A. copying
6. C. the word spelling
7. B. forms
8. D. using the story that you dislike the materials
9. B. cultural aspects
10. C. novel
11. C. to create interaction with others
12. D. covering the topics in language and science
13. A. status of the participant
14. C. functional
15. A. the language expression
16. C. to give the information of the students’ progress
17. B. low frequency words
18. D. translation
19. C. Pictorial
20. A. guess