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6 Soal (Essay) Future Continuous Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal (Esai/Uraian) Materi Future Continuous Tense

1. Jelaskan rumus kalimat positif beserta contohnya!

2. Jelaskan rumus kalimat negatif beserta contohnya!

3. Jelaskan rumus kalimat interogatif beserta contohnya!

4. Jelaskan penggunaan keterangan waktu beserta contohnya!

5. What is the helping verb of future continuous tense?

6. When future continuous tense is used?


1. Rumus yang digunakan dalam kalimat future continuous tense adalah: subject + will/shall + be +verb-ing. Penggunaan will digunakan untk objek seperti I, you, they, we, he, she, it. Sedangkan penggunaan shall digunakan untuk objek I dan we. Contoh kalimatnya, antara lain:
1. Mikaela will be running in a marathon race this Sunday morning.
2. I will be staying with my sister for a week.
3. I will be eating at 7 o’clock tonight.
4. I shall be returning the book to the library this evening.
5. He will be coming to my birthday party tomorrow.

2. Selain kalimat positif, ada juga kalimat negatif yang digunakan dalam kalimat future continuous tense. Pembedanya hanyalah tambahan not atau tidak setelah will atau shall. Rumus yang digunakan adalah: subject + will/shall + not + be + verb ing + complement. Adapun contoh kalimatnya adalah:
1. I will not be staying with my sister for a week.
2. Erika will not be competing against Mikaela in the race when the race starts.
3. Due to the new regulations of our office, we shall not be eating in our room starts from tomorrow morning.
4. She will not be coming to your farewell party next week.
5.He will not be playing games for a month.

3. Tidak hanya berlaku untuk kalimat pernyataan, ada juga rumus future continuous tense untuk kalimat tanya atau yang bersifat interogatif. Rumus yang digunakan adalah will /shall+ subject + be + verb-ing + complement. Jika dalam kalimat pernyataan will dan shall diletakkan setelah objek, dalam kalimat tanya will dan shall diletakkan di paling depan. Contoh kalimatnya adalah:
1. Will Sunny and Rain be watching Mikaela race this Sunday evening?
2. Will I be sleeping in this room?
3. Will you be coming to Susi’s farewell party?
4. Shall you be returning this tray to that counter, please?
5. Will James be exercising at the gym?

4. Dalam menggunakan future continuous tense, ada keterangan waktu yang perlu ditulis untuk menjelaskan masa depan. Maka dari itu, kamu bisa menggunakan keterangan waktu di bawah ini sebagai referensi.
1. Tomorrow night: Besok malam
2. Next year on April: Tahun depan pada bulan April
3. Tonight at seven o’clock: Nanti malam jam 07.00
4. At this time tomorrow: Pada waktu ini besok
5. At six o’clock tomorrow morning: Pada jam 6 besok pagi
6. At this time next year: Pada saat ini tahun depan

5. Helping verbs "will be" or "shall be" are used in sentence. 1st form of verb + ing is used as main verb in sentence. Helping verb "will" is used with subject (He, She, It, You, They and names) whereas helping verb "shall" is used with subject (I and We).

6. The future continuous tense is used to talk about future events that will be in progress at a specific time in the future. We often use this structure to make a contrast between a present event and a future event. This time tomorrow I will be lying on the beach. This time tomorrow I will be celebrating my birthday.