11 Soal (Essay) Simple Future Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal (Essay) Materi Simple Future Tense

1. Tuliskan rumus kalimat positif (+) simple future tense dan contoh kalimat !

Kalimat positif (+)
S + will + bare infinitive
S + be (am/is/are) going to + bare infinitive
Contoh Kalimat Simple Future Tense
He will win.
(Dia akan menang.)
They are going to come.
(Mereka akan datang.)

2. Tuliskan rumus kalimat negatif (-) simple future tense dan contoh kalimat !

Kalimat negatif (-)
S + will + not + bare infinitive
S + be (am/is/are) + not + going to + bare infinitive
Contoh Kalimat Simple Future Tense
He won’t win.
(Dia tidak akan menang.)

3. How can I teach simple future?

Tell your students: I have special plans for the weekend. I'm going to visit my grandmother. Explain to students that the conjugation for the future with going to is the same as for the present continuous. Provide plenty of examples in different persons: You are going to have a special class next week.

4. What is simple future tense and example?

The simple future tense is used when an action is promised/thought to occur in the future. Structure: Subject + shall/will + verb + . . . . . . . . Example: We shall move to another city.

5. What is the simple future tense?

The simple future refers to a time later than now, and expresses facts or certainty. In this case there is no 'attitude'. The simple future is used: To predict a future event: It will rain tomorrow.

6. What is the rule of Future Simple?

The formula for Simple Future Tense when the Second Person, Third Person Singular/ Plural are involved is that the sentence starts with You/ He/ She/ Common or proper nouns/ They, with will and then a verb in its 1st form followed by an object which is optional.

7. Will simple future exercises?

Exercise on Future I Simple (will)
1. You (earn) a lot of money.
2. You (travel) around the world.
3. You (meet) lots of interesting people.
4. Everybody (adore) you.
5. You (not / have) any problems.
6. Many people (serve) you.
7. They (anticipate) your wishes.
8. There (not / be) anything left to wish for.

8. Tuliskan pengertian simple future tense!

Simple future tense adalah suatu bentuk kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menyatakan bahwa suatu aksi terjadi di masa depan, secara spontan atau terencana

9. Tuliskan rumus kalimat interogatif (?) simple future tense dan contoh kalimat !

Kalimat interogatif (?)
Will + S + bare infinitive
Be (am/is/are) + S + going to + bare infinitive?
Contoh Kalimat Simple Future Tense
Will he win?
(Apakah dia akan menang?)
Are they going to come?
(Apakah mereka akan datang?)
They aren’t going to come.
(Mereka tidak akan datang.)

10. Tuliskan fungsi dan contoh kalimat simple future tense!

Simple future tense (will) untuk membuat keputusan secara spontan untuk melakukan sesuatu (tanpa rencana).
1. Wait a minute. I will wash my hands.
(Tunggu sebentar. Saya akan mencuci tangan.)
2. You look nervous. I‘ll give you a glass of water.
(Kamu tampak cemas. Saya akan memberimu segelas air.)
Simple future tense (will) untuk memprediksi masa depan (tanpa rencana).
1. The doom won’t happen in 2020.
(Kiamat tidak akan terjadi pada tahun 2020.)
2. Which hotels do you think will offer the best service?
(Hotel yang mana yang kamu pikir akan menawarkan pelayanan terbaik?)
3. He‘ll be angry.
(Dia akan marah.)
4. The sandstorm will come.
(Badai pasir akan datang.)
5. I think he will pass.
(Saya pikir dia akan lulus.)
Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menyatakan arrangement (rencana yang sudah dipikirkan sebelumnya).
1. I‘m visiting South Korea tomorrow.
(Saya akan mengunjungi Korea Selatan besok.)
2. She‘s going to the physiotherapist next monday.
(Dia akan ke fisioterapis senin depan.)
3. I‘m going to send this letter tomorrow.
(Saya akan mengirimkan surat ini besok.)
4. He is going to go to French to continue his study.
(Dia akan pergi ke Perancis untuk melanjutkan sekolahnya.)
Simple future tense digunakan untuk membentuk conditional sentence type 1.
1. I will come if they invite me.
(Saya akan datang jika mereka mengundang saya.)
2. I‘ll come with you, if you like.
(Saya akan ikut denganmu jika kamu menghendaki.)

11. Apa yang dimaksud dengan Simple Future Tense?

Simple Future Tense adalah bentuk waktu yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian atau tindakan yang akan terjadi di masa depan.