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26 Soal Cross Cultural Understanding Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Cross Cultural Understanding

1. Americans have a belief in working field that everybody ….
A. must work hard to get money
B. should cooperate each other
C. has equal opportunity to become successful
D. holds responsibility of their own work

2. The expression “The devil makes work for idle hands” means that when people do not wo they ….
A. are as lazy as the devil
B. will be bothered by the devil
C. are always accompanied by the devil
D. will be obsessed by the devil

3. Americans believe that material success was a sign of God’s chosen and ….
A. they deserved to have it
B. it was a bless for them
C. would go to heaven
D. had to be returned to God

4. When you want to introduce somebody using English, it means that they have to be able tuse the formulas and ….
A. the rules of the language
B. in the informal way
C. the applied language
D. the rules of the structure

5. Susan : Bob, I’d like to introduce my friend, John. John this is Bob.
Bob : How do you do?
John : ………..
The appropriate expression to complete the sentence is ….
A. My name is John
B. How do you do
C. I'm doing fine
D. Nice to meet you

6. The following expression concluded as agreement is ….
A. I'm maybe wrong but ....
B. In my opinion, ....
C. I wonder if there's a mistake
D. That's just what I think, of course

7. Rob : Our course is too theoretical. It should be much more practical. Don’t
you think so?
T om : In my opinion, you are correct. I’m just doing the course to pass the
Exam. I didn’t think that it’s going to help me after I leave the college.
Rob : Exactly . And I can’t understand most of the theory . I just learn my notes
off by heart.
What expression is shown on the dialogue above ?
A. Direct Agreement
B. Indirect Agreement
C. Disagreement
D. Indirect Disagreement

8. You want to ride your father ’s car eventhough you haven’t got driving license. What do yo say to him ?
A. Am I going to borrow your car ?
B. Would you mind if I borrow your car ?
C. Am I right if I borrow your car ?
D. Would I like to borrow your car ?

9. Tuti : I hope you don’t mind, but would it be possible for me to have a conversation with you?
Teacher : ….
A. I can't see any objection
B. Yes, Y ou're okay
C. I would like to
D. I am alright

10. Which is not included as religious days celebrated in US ?
A. St. Patrick's Day
B. Halloween
C. Easter
D. Christmas

11. The celebration day in which people use the three leafed shamrock to explain the Trinity in called …day .
A. Christmas
B. Easter
C. Halloween
D. St. Patrick's

12. St. Patrick’s Day becomes a religious day which is proved by St.Patrick’s effort in ….
A. converting the pagan into Christianity
B. establishing monasteries across the Ireland
C. setting up schools and churches
D. adopting his names from St.Palladius

13. In celebrating Christmas people decorate the Christmas tree while in Easter people … the Easter eggs.
A. collect
B. distribute
C. buy
D. decorate

14. The celebration day in which people make chocolate candies in the form of eggs and rabbits it means that they are celebrating ….Day .
A. Halloween
B. Summer's End
C. Easter
D. Thanksgiving

15. When do the people of US celebrate Thanksgiving day? In the ….
A. third Monday in February
B. fourth thursday of November
C. last Monday in May
D. first Monday of September

16. Thousand of years ago, people celebrated Summer ’s End. They thanked the sun for the good harvest. This event was happened in ….
B. Germany
C. Denmark
D. England

17. The aim of Thanksgiving Day celebrated by Americans is to give thanks for their ….
A. good fortune
B. efforts
C. freedom
D. independence

18. One of the stage of adjustment process is called Initial Adjustment it happens when someone ….
A. is confronted with new problems
B. is fascinated and exited by everything new and by the new culture
C. feels that a routine such as work, business, or school has been established
D. feels that everyday activities are no longer major problems

19. Frustration and loose confidence happened to someone because being far away from the families and good friends for along period of time is classified in the stage of … of adjustment process.
A. Cultural shock
B. Mental isolation
C. Honeymoon period
D. Acceptance and Integration

20. The fact that the gender differences between a man and woman in education field around the 19
th century was shown by some researches, among other is ….
A. girls had the different style of curriculum
B. it was easier for boys to enter school
C. girls weren’t given lesson related to housework
D. there were very few school for girls

21. By the 1960s, a radical restructuring of English state education opened up a new possibilities for changes by implementing ….
A. the role of equal access for boys and girls system
B. some curriculums adjusted to women's life
C. non-selective system of secondary schooling
D. some aspects related to women issues

22. Full-time work, undertaken without a break from youth until retirement age is called ….
A. standard job
B. non standard job
C. homeworking
D. part-time job

23. According to the traditional marriage contract, a wife does the housework and child care, and husband ….
A. helps his wife in doing the housework
B. provides high and better education for children
C. significantly increases family's income
D. financially supports the family

24. Employed wives carry a double work load: they are wage earners and they continue to ho responsibility for ….
A. their husband
B. housework
C. cooking meals
D. taking care children

25. Magazine, television, and the advertisements promote men as being somewhat concerne with their physical appearance, as aggressive and selfish, on the other hand, women are depicted as ….
A. occupational success
B. homemakers and s3x objects
C. obsessed people
D. reluctant in serving men and children

26.The definition of friend according to the dictionary is that one attached to another by ….
A. environment
B. experience
C. affection
D. companion


1. C. has equal opportunity to become successful
2. D. will be obsessed by the devil
3. C. would go to heaven
4. A. the rules of the language
5. B. How do you do
6. D. That's just what I think, of course
7. A. Direct Agreement
8. B. Would you mind if I borrow your car ?
9. A. I can't see any objection
10. B. Halloween
11. D. St. Patrick's
12. A. converting the pagan into Christianity
13. A. collect
14. C. Easter
15. B. fourth thursday of November
16. D. England
17. A. good fortune
18. D. feels that everyday activities are no longer major problems
19. B. Mental isolation
20. D. there were very few school for girls
21. C. non-selective system of secondary schooling
22. A. standard job
23. D. financially supports the family
24. B. housework
25. B. homemakers and s3x objects
26. C. affection

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