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Soal (Esai) Correlative Conjunction Lengkap Jawaban

Latihan Soal (Essay/Uraian) Bab Correlative Conjunction

1. Tuliskan contoh kalimat correlative conjunction menggunakan kata hubung The more … the less (semakin banyak …, semakin sedikit …), the more … the more (semakin banyak …, semakin banyak)!

2. Tuliskan contoh kalimat correlative conjunction menggunakan kata hubung Whether … or …

3. Are correlative conjunctions used in compound sentences?

4. How do you teach correlative conjunctions?

5. How do you diagram correlative conjunctions?

6. What are the 5 pairs of correlative conjunctions?


a) The more we learn grammar, the less we face the difficulty in writing. (Semakin banyak kita mempelajari grammar, semakin sedikit kita menghadapi kesulitan di dalam menulis)
b) The more you give alms to others, the more you get rewards from God. (Semakin banyak kamu memberi sedekah kepada orang lain, semakin banyak kamu mendapat imbalan dari Tuhan)

2. Contoh: I am confused whether to live in Lampung or to live in Bandung. (Saya bingung apakah tinggal di Jakarta atau tinggal di Bandung)

3. One other common pair of correlative conjunctions is both… and, but you can't use them to make compound sentences.

4. Teach students that correlative conjunctions should only join words and phrases of equal weight. In other words, the words or phrases that follow the correlative conjunctions should have similar grammatical structures.

5. Diagramming a sentence using correlative conjunctions allows you to see where parallel structure is needed, because both halves of the correlative conjunction must use the same parts of speech in the same order if they are to present a balanced correlation.

6. Correlative conjunctions work in pairs to join words, phrases, or clauses. The correlative conjunctions are either...or, neither... nor, both...and, not only...but also, whether...or. Joining words: My uncle is not only a doctor but also a pharmacist.