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Pertanyaan materi Introduction to Linguistics

Soal Essay/Uraian

1. What are linguistic skills?

2. Why do we study applied linguistics?

3. What is the main concern of linguistics?

4. What are the branches of General Linguistics?

5. What is Linguistics and its characteristics?


1. Linguistic skills measure the capacity of individuals to understand and express themselves, both in written and oral form. Nearly all of the population understand, speak and read Galician. ..

2. Applied linguistics is about understanding how language and communication works, and being able to communicate effectively in all contexts. These skills could lead to work in many careers and industries, including emerging areas such as machine translation, speech recognition and human-computer interaction.

3. The discipline of linguistics focuses on theories of language structure, variation and use, the description and documentation of contemporary languages, and the implications of theories of language for an understanding of the mind and brain, human culture, social behavior, and language learning and teaching.

4. Branches of linguistics
Anthropological linguistics - the place of language in its wider social and cultural context, and its role in making and maintaining cultural practices and societal structures.

Historical linguistics - study of historical language change over time. ...

Phonetics - the study of the speech faculty.

5. When linguists study language as a structured, formal system, they investigate many distinct subsystems: the physical characteristics of speech sounds (phonetics); how sounds function together as part of a linguistic system (phonology); how words are formed and new words created (morphology); how words and phrases are ...