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Soal dan Jawaban tentang Simple Past Tense

Soal Pilihan Ganda Mengenai Simple Past Tense

1. I……in this office 2 years ago
a. Working
b. Worked
c. Work
d. Be working

2. I……my wallet in this market two months ago
a. Loose
b. Losed
c. Lose
d. Lossing

3. My brother…….a letter for me
a. Write
b. Wrote
c. Writing
d. Was writting

4. When I…….it is raining 5 minutes ago
a. Got up
b. Getting up
c. Gets up
d. Get up

5. They……about this project in this restaurant yesterday
a. Talking
b. Talked
c. Talk
d. Talks

6. I…….an elephant last night
a. Draw
b. Drew
c. Drawn
d. Drawing

7. Our English teacher . . . . . sick yesterday.
a. Is
b. Were
c. Was
d. Are

8. Miss Yoan . . . . . me to her party two days ago
a. Invited
b. Invites
c. Inviting
d. Invite

9. Eko : Where did you go yesterday?
Nanda : I . . . . . to the beach with my friends.
a. Go
b. Went
c. Gone
d. Going

10. Where did you . . . . . in 2010?
a. Lives
b. Live
c. Living
d. Lived

11. Yoga . . . . . his car three days ago
a. Sold
b. Sell
c. Selling
d. Sells

Kunci Jawaban:

1. b. Worked
2. c. Lose
3. b. Wrote
4. a. Got up
5. b. Talked
6. b. Drew
7. c. Was
8. a. Invited
9. b. Went
10. b. Live
11. a. Sold