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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Introduction to Linguistics dan Jawaban

Latihan Soal (Pilgan) Bab Introduction to Linguistics

1. If you want anymore, Y ou’ll have to get it yourself.
The underlined words are categorized as a/an ....
A. noun clause
B. adjective clause
C. adverbial clause
D. verb clause

2. “What will we do if they don’t turn up?”
The sentence above is classified into a ... sentence.
A. major and compound
B. major and complex
C. minor and complex
D. minor and compound

3. “Mrs. Pamela is a beautiful blouse designer .”
One sentence to paraphrase the sentence above is ‘Mrs. Pamela is a designer
who makes beautiful blouses’ and another sentence to show the ambiguity is ....
A. Mrs. Pamela is a blouse designer who is beautiful
B. Mrs. Pamela designs many kinds of blouses
C. Mrs. Pamela is very beautiful in any kinds of blouses
D. Mrs. Pamela is designing beautiful blouses.

4. Based on the type of phonological process, which of the following words is
categorized in the process of elision?
A. Bin
B. Sixth
C. Nation
D. Press

5. What type of morphemes which cannot stand alone as words?
A. lexical morphemes
B. grammatical morphemes
C. free morphemes
D. bound morphemes

6. Which of the following words contains derivational morphemes?
A. boy’s
B. dislike
C. talking
D. grown

7. From the word ‘distangled’, which is categorized a lexical morpheme?
A. dis
B. en
C. tangle
D. -ed

8. One characteristic which differs inflectional morphemes from derivational ones is that inflectional morphemes are ....
A. very productive
B. not required by syntax
C. occured before derivational
D. changed in the meaning of word

9. He word ‘motel’ is the combination of ‘motor ’ and ‘hotel’. The word-formation above is called ....
A. clipping
B. compounding
C. conversion
D. blending

10. Which of the following words contain correct affixes?
A. disleading
B. mishonesty
C. dislikeful
D. unbelievabl

11. How many phonemes does the word ‘knee’ have?
A. two
B. three
C. five
D. six


1. C. adverbial clause
2. B. major and complex
3. A. Mrs. Pamela is a blouse designer who is beautiful
4. C. Nation
5. D. bound morphemes
6. B. dislike
7. C. tangle
8. A. very productive
9. D. blending
10. D. unbelievable
11. A. two