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26 Soal Simple Present Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Simple Present Tense 

1. I …….a letter for my mom
a. Write
b. Writing
c. Wrote
d. Writes

2. They… so well
a. Know
b. Knew
c. Knew
d. Known

3. We…….this food here
a. Ate
b. Eat
c. Eaten
d. Eating

4. She…….a homemade cake
a. Made
b. Make
c. Makes
d. Making

5. I……a delicious food for you
a. Cooking
b. Cooks
c. Cooked
d. Cook

6. She…….a picture here
a. Drew
b. Drawn
c. Drawing
d. Draws

7. It most…….. all the time
a. Happen
b. Happening
c. Happens
d. Hapen

8. He often….to my gym
a. Come
b. Came
c. Coming
d. Comes

9. You can…..fresh vegetables
a. Gets
b. Get
c. Getting
d. Got

10. The ships…… tonight
a. Arrive
b. Arrives
c. Arrived
d. Arriving

11. She ……a bread every morning
a. Eating
b. Ate
c. Eats
d. Eat

12. Diana …….every morning
a. Takes a bath
b. Take a bath
c. Taking a bath
d. Took a bath

13. Our Math teacher ... check the attendance list every day.
a. Do not
b. Does not
c. Did not
d. Not doing

14. ... the meeting take place in your office?
a. Do
b. Does
c. Dod
d. Don’t

15. My father always ...Karate every week.
a. Practices
b. Practicing
c. Practice
d. Is practicing

16. Do your father and mother ... in a hotel?
a. Stays
b. To stay
c. Stay
d. Staying

17. Every day the security officer at my school .... around the building once every hour.
a. Walks
b. Is walking
c. To be walking
d. Walking

18. My father … tea every morning.
a. Drink
b. Drinks
c. Drinking
d. Is

19. They … a test every week.
a. Does
b. Has
c. Are
d. Have

20. Dolph: Please call me if you need.
Jack: No. I … need your help.
a. Do not
b. Does
c. Not
d. Am not

21. She is a student. She … at school.
a. Studying
b. Study
c. Studies
d. Does

22. They…..badminton every weekend
a. Playing
b. Plays
c. Played
d. Play

23. We … soccer match.
a. Do
b. Watching
c. Watches
d. Watch

24. Gina cooks fried rice. It … amazing.
a. Does
b. Do
c. Are
d. Is

25. . . . . . you have enough time to attend the party?
a. Does
b. Did
c. Didn’t
d. Do

26. Marzuki . . . . . . . a very thick book about Indonesian History.
a. Has
b. Have
c. Had
d. Hid


1. a. Write
2. a. Know
3. b. Eat
4. c. Makes
5. d. Cook
6. d. Draws
7. c. Happens
8. d. Comes
9. b. Get
10. a. Arrive
11. c. Eats
12. a. Takes a bath
13. b. Does not
14. b. Does
15. a. Practices
16. c. Stay
17. a. Walks
18. b. Drinks
19. d. Have
20. a. Do not
21. c. Studies
22. d. Play
23. d. Watch
24. d. Is
25. d. Do
26. a. Has