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20 Soal Present Continuous Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Present Continuous Tense 

1. Jono ……… his kite now. He is at school.
a. Isn’t flying
b. Daren’t playing
c. Doesn’t fly
d. Don’t fly

2. I have submitted my paper for the conference since two days ago. And now, the committee members … the whole material from all the attendants.
a. Are examining
b. Is examining
c. Examines
d. Has examined

3. Ami : do you hear something?
Kiki : Yes, somebody... at the distance.
a. Screams
b. Are screaming
c. Is screaming
d. Was screaming

4. The children are … by the river.
a. fished
b. Fish
c. Fishing
d. Fishes

5. Elena is a successful business woman. She often travels all around the world. And for attending the international conference, she … for France tomorrow.
a. Has been leaving
b. Has been left
c. Is leaving
d. Leaves

6. A: What are the girls doing?
B: They ….card.
a. Play
b. Played
c. Are playing
d. Have played

7. I am games right now.
a. Playing
b. Plays
c. Is playing
d. Don’t play

8. Amir and Udin … discussing the material now.
a. Is
b. Are
c. Was
d. Were

9. Vincent is usually going to school by driving his own car, but since a week ago his car has broken. So, he …… to school tomorrow.
a. Walk
b. Walks
c. Is walking
d. Walking

10. Listen! She’s……..
a. Beautiful song. a. sing
b. Singing
c. To sing
d. Sings

11.. . . . . . listening to me right now?
a. Do you
b. Are you
c. Did you
d. Were you

12. …listening to me now?
a. Is you
b. Are you
c. Was you
d. Does you

13. There is something urgent happen and it is very dangerous for the nation. Due to that reason, the president … to contact his advisors now.
a. Tries
b. Tried
c. Had tried
d. Is trying

14. Anne : ….
Yuma : I’m fixing my guitar.
a. Why are you laughing?
b. When are you leaving?
c. Where are you going?
d. What are you doing?

15. Mr. Baker …(teach) his son to ride a bicycle.
a. Are teach
b. Is teach
c. Are teaching
d. Is teaching

16. I am .... to Justin’s new song on the radio
a. Listening
b. Listened
c. Listen
d. Listens

17. What’s the gardener doing? He… the flower.
a. To water
b. Water
c. Are watering
d. Is watering

18. I have a plan to go to Stefan’s house tonight. And I decide to go with my mother. Once I have arrived there, Stefan … his dinner.
a. Eats
b. Has been eaten
c. Eat
d. Is eating

19. My brother . . . . . at University of Indonesia
a. Are studying
b. Is studying
c. Was studying
d. Were studying

20. Listen! Your father …… to a friend right now.
a. Talk
b. Talks
c. Is talking
d. Are talking 


1. a. Isn’t flying
2. a. Are examining
3. c. Is screaming
4. c. Fishing
5. c. Is leaving
6. c. Are playing
7. a. Playing
8. b. Are
9. c. Is walking
10. b. Singing
11. b. Are you
12. b. Are you
13. d. Is trying
14. d. What are you doing?
15. d. Is teaching
16. a. Listening
17. d. Is watering
18. d. Is eating
19. b. Is studying
20. c. Is talking