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15 Soal Conjunction Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Conjunction

1. Mohan worked very sincerely and was ...... promoted.
a. Yet
b. Besides
c. Although
d. Consequently

2. ... my family, I will also invite my close friends on my anniversary.
a. Aside
b. Despite
c. Besides
d. In spite of

3. Our new classmate is not bad; …, he’s very kind.
a. Furthermore
b. Rather
c. The more
d. The less

4. The more you prepare yourself for the Job Interview, … stress you may feel.
a. Furthermore
b. Rather
c. The more
d. The less

5. Neither Indah … her friends ate lunch here yesterday.
a. Nor
b. or
c. But also
d. But

6. To stay … to leave your job is your prerogative.
a. Nor
b. or
c. But also
d. But

7. ...being very rich, he never shows off.
a. Other than
b. Despite
c. Instead
d. Otherwise

8. I am not feeling well,....I will come to the party.
a. Because
b. However
c. Since
d. Unless

9. After months of studying hard, Meeta ..... cleared IAS examination.
a. Initially
b. Therefore
c. Consequently
d. Finally

10. ... it is very cold there, we have postponed our visit.
a. Since
b. Yet
c. Due to
d. Because of

11. My mother....I went to the market for shopping.
a. Or
b. Neither
c. Either
d. And

12. The weather was cold, … Bobby wore a jacket and gloves.
a. Yet
b. So
c. Nor
d. Or

13. Please come on time,....... we may miss the flight.
a. Otherwise
b. Therefore
c. So
d. But

14. We should avoid oily food .... be healthy.
a. Finally
b. In order to
c. Consequently
d. For

15. I will give you my car... you come back before 5’o clock.
a. As
b. Because
c. Consequently
d. Provided 


1. d. Consequently
2. c. Besides
3. b. Rather
4. d. The less
5. a. Nor
6. b. or
7. b. Despite
8. b. However
9. d. Finally
10. a. Since
11. d. And
12. b. So
13. a. Otherwise
14. b. In order to
15. d. Provided