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10 Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Beserta Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Past Future Perfect Tense 

1. I …… that thief last night, but he could wriggle out from me.
a. Would have be caught
b. Would have caught
c. Will have caught
d. Will caught

2. She .... a car from her brother, if she had needed it
a. Would has borrowed
b. Would have borrowed
c. Should have borrowed
d. Should has borrowed

3. If Paul had slept earlier, he .....late
a. Would haven't gotten up
b. Wouldn't have gotten up
c. Shouldn't have gotten up
d. Won't have gotten up

4. She …. a queen, unfortunately she died due to a disease.
a. Would have be
b. Would have
c. Would have been
d. Would be

5. ... helped me if I had asked her?
a. Would Cindy have
b. Should have Cindy
c. Would have Cindy
d. Will Cindy have

6. I would …a rich man, if my company had won the tender.
a. Have
b. Have be
c. Have been
d. Had been

7. They ..... the examination if they had studied harder before
a. Wouldn't has failed
b. Won't have failed
c. Wouldn't have failed
d. Shan't have failed

8. If he had wanted to sell that house, I from him
a. Would have buy
b. Would have buying
c. Would have bought
d. Will have bought

9. Before taking a leave of absence yesterday, he would completed his work for the client. He would …it two days ago.
a. Have submitted
b. To submitted
c. Have be submitted
d. Have been submitted

10. If you had had much money, ..... to be your girlfriend?
a. Would has she wanted
b. Should have she wanted
c. Would she have want
d. Would she have wanted


1. b. Would have caught
2. b. Would have borrowed
3. b. Wouldn't have gotten up
4. c. Would have been
5. a. Would Cindy have
6. c. Have been
7. c. Wouldn't have failed
8. c. Would have bought'
9. a. Have submitted
10. d. Would she have wanted